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List of topics:

  1. Herbals, antidotaria, dispensatories and pharmacopoeias: the story of the pursuit of unification
  2. History of pharmaceutical organizations


Type of presentation:

  • Oral
  •  Poster


new deadline! – deadline for abstracts submission is June 1st.  All presenting authors must register via the website Abstract Submission system at http://43ichpwarsaw.pl/

Corresponding authors will be notified of acceptance by 9th of June.


Guidelines for writing the abstract:

To submit your abstract please log in to your account in the registration system (after registration process, by your login e-mail and password – HERE). You can submit your abstract using “Abstracts” tab in the menu on the left (Abstracts –> Submit abstract).

Title of the abstract:

(Arial 12, bold, capitals, left alignment)

Surname A first A initial, Surname B first name B inital2, etc.

(Arial 10, left alignment, Surname A has to be the lecturer or first author)

1Institution A, Street No., Zip Code, Country, email

2Institution B, Street No., Zip Code, Country, email

(Arial 10, left alignment)

The complete text of the abstract including blanks, title, authors and institutions should not exceed 1500 characters in order to fit into the abstract form. Please note that the language you choose for your abstract also has to be the language of the presentation (German, English or French).

(Arial 11, left alignment, line pitch 1)

Do not use footnotes in the text, use parentheses instead. For the title use bold font type. The presenting author’s  name should  be underlined.

An  example:

Title of abstract…..

Name and surname of author (1), name and surname of co-author (2)

(1)Department of …… (2) Department of……….

The text of the abstract………….

Short lectures:

All short lectures have to be held in language which was chosen for the submitted abstract.

Your short lecture should not exceed 10 minutes in length, followed by a 5 minute discussion.


Poster size will be announced at later stage. Pins to fix your poster will be provided onsite.

Poster size: 70 cm width x 100 cm length