Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am very happy that I can invite you to the next, 43rd International Congress for the Historyof Pharmacy in Warsaw. It will be a great honor to host the historians of pharmacy from all over the world in this particular for the Polish pharmacists year 2017. We will then celebrate the bicentenary of the publication of the first Polish pharmacopoeia, Pharmacepoea Regni Poloniae, that appeared in 1817, as well as the 70 years of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society whose tradition stems from the Warsaw Pharmaceutical Society founded in 1872.

Referring to these anniversaries, we offer the following topics of the Warsaw Congress:

1. Herbals, antidotaria, dispensatories and pharmacopoeias: the story of the pursuit of unification?

2. History of pharmaceutical organizations

See you in Warsaw!

Iwona Arabas

President of the 43rd Congress for the History of Pharmacy